Unlocking Prophecy

Our Unlocking Prophecy series has started and will continue every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7PM until November 12. For those in the area we invite you come in person, but if you can't come please watch online.

To still register for our series visit: www.relevantseminars.org/centralia

To watch the messages already presented, click here.

Each night there is an Outline of the Message, and they are available for download here:

Outline 1: The Master Key to Bible Prophecy

Outline 2: How Near is the End?

Outline 3: Revelation's War in Heaven

Outline 4: Prophecy's Judgment Hour

Outline 5: Revelation's Peace Maker

Outline 6: What Happened to Right and Wrong?

Outline 7: Revelation's Sign of Allegiance

Outline 8: History's Greatest Cover-up

Outline 9: A Thief in the Night

Outline 10: The Mystery of Death

Outline 11: Revelation's Millennium and the Lake of Fire.  (additional sermon on The Rich Man and Lazarus here)

Outline 12: A Special Date with God

Outline 13: The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God

Outline 14: The United States in Bible Prophecy

Outline 15: God's Healthcare Plan 

Outline 16: The Battle of Armageddon and the 7 Last Plagues

Outline 17: Revelation's Four Horsemen

Outline 18: Buried and Forgotten by God

Outline 19: Revelation's Final Appeal

Outline 20: Revelation's Remnant

Outline 21:

Outline 22:

Outline 23:

Outline 24: